What Is 9 Bit? 9 Bit is, simply put, a television network for video games; 9 Bit is distributed in the United States on Frontier, Roku, and Comcast via VOD. Our Roku channel is available here. What Can I Watch on 9 Bit? Currently, 9 Bit features the following programs:

  • 1RBC Gaming Weekly
  • My Plastic Heaven
  • Slope’s Game Room
Are you interested in having your content featured on 9 Bit? Send an email to 9BitsOfGaming at Google’s mail service (we’re not mentioning it by name in order to confuse bots) along with your proposal- we’re looking for all sorts of gaming related content! Do you produce a game news show, in-depth editorial pieces, or wacky video game comedy? We’d like to see what you make. Why Television? Right now, there’s a bit of a gap in the market for video game related television shows. To be fair, there’s a glut of well-produced┬ávideo game related programming available on the Internet- the thing is, content that does well online may perform differently on television- the reverse is also true, as more long-form video game related content tends to do better on TV. [citation needed] If you’re looking for quick, two-minute game news bites, you’re probably going to whip out your smartphone- if you’re looking for a long-form report on the state of the gaming industry, you’d probably prefer to watch that on television. If you’re interested in keeping up with 9 Bit online, you can follow us on Twitter here.]]>