PAX East 2019 in Cosplay

Another year, another (awesome) PAX East- this year we interviewed a ton of devs, tried out some great games, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Right now, we’re hard at work pumping out content from the show– those interviews aren’t gonna edit themselves! Besides all the cool footage, however, we also took a lot of photos- there was a ton of awesome cosplay at the show; here are some of our favorites!

Initially I thought these Romans were Age of Empires cosplayers- turns out it’s Assassin’s Creed. Cosplay by Kassandra and Alexio.
Ryu cosplayer.
Princess Peach and Mario cosplayers.
Bowsette! There were quite a few Bowsette cosplayers on the floor this year; the character has seen something of a boom in popularity of late.
Asteriiums cosplaying as Tsukuyomi from Final Fantasy XIV.
Torbjorn cosplay by Spoon_Makes
An Overwatch cosplay group- Mei, D.Va and Tracer.
Lucio cosplayer.
Mercy and S76.
Ashe cosplayer.
Zarya and Ashe, taking a selfie.
The Stephanie Brown Robin cosplay by InTheLongRunDesigns.
We asked if they could speak Simlish.
Detective Pikachu meets Deadpool- both roles played by Ryan Reynolds. Cosplay by @JBCostumeDesigns.
An Aloy cosplayer (Horizon Zero Dawn) checking out Graveyard Keeper at the Tinybuild booth- they had a pretty clever way to market their game this year: you had to play from inside a casket.
Baby Mario cosplayer checking out Fling to the Finish.
Kiki & Tombo cosplayers.
Raiden cosplayer.

Mina Ashido and Deku cosplay by EdenCosplay and Kevin Kennedy.
Mugman, from Cuphead cosplay, by PixelsByNight.

We’re putting up even more over on our Instagram, @1RuleBeCool. Are you in our gallery? Let us know in the comments below!

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