Into the Breach, Strategy Game from FTL Developers Revealed

FTL: Faster than Light, the fantastic sci-fi roguelike from Subset Games, I have to say that I’m pleased as punch by the news that their next game is currently in development and looking good. Today, Subset unveiled Into the Breach, an isometric turn-based strategy RPG in which your goal is to defend the remnants of human civilization from giant alien monsters using giant mechs- we’ve got the first screenshots and trailer. Not a whole lot is known about the game thus far, but it clearly does involve time travel as the mecha you’re given access to are from the future- and that when you’re beaten, you get sent through time to save another timeline. The game does employ some procedural generation as each different world in each different timeline will contain some randomly determined elements and challenges. I’m curious about the nature of the game’s world- all that I can determine about the lore thus far is that the aliens are called the “Vek” and that you’re defending the “Corporate-Nation islands”- so perhaps there’s a bit of a dystopic element as well? Whatever the case, here’s the first trailer. Based on the screenshots and trailer, it appears that protecting infrastructure (and power production in particular) plays an important part in Into the Breach, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the game’s characters are developed. [gallery ids="488,489,490,491,492"] To make things even better, Ben Prunty (who did the music for FTL) is returning to make the music for Into the Breach– in case you’re unfamiliar with his work, you should know that FTL had an incredible score- it’s some of the richest and best thought-out chiptune music you’ll ever hear, so even if FTL doesn’t seem like it’d be your sort of game, you at least have to give the soundtrack a listen. Into the Breach is currently in development for Mac, Windows and Linux, though according to Subset Games, they’re not aiming for simultaneous launch on all three platforms. Subset hasn’t yet provided a release date- based on what they’ve shown, however, it seems that the game is pretty far along in development. What do you think about Into the Breach– do you think it’ll be as good as Subset’s last game? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @1RuleBeCool on Twitter for all the greatest game news and editorials; follow me for my own views.]]>

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