November 12, 2016 1RBC Gaming Weekly – Wii U Leaving Production, HTC Vive Goes Wireless, Choice and Storytelling in Games

editorial on The Banner Saga and in-game choices– specifically regarding choices that don’t affect the outcome of the game. Enjoy! If you’re curious about the week’s crowdfunding project, Asylopole, you can find out more about it here– the gist of the game is that it’s an adventure set in a mental asylum, and you’re a psychiatrist exploring the minds of patients. It looks strange, but exciting. This week, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, which is a miniature version of the NES that comes with thirty games built in and comes with a whole host of features, such as save states (somebody’s been learning from emulators) and, interestingly enough, CRT emulation, which means that your shiny new HDTV can look like a tube-TV from the eighties. We have pictures from the device’s launch party at the Nintendo World Store in New York City below. [gallery ids="238,239,240,241"] What do you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @1RuleBeCool on Twitter; be sure to follow me for my own views.]]>

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