SNES Edition 3DS Unveiled; Where to Order

unveiled a fancy new 3DS XL– one that’s designed to look like the SNES. Set to be released on November 27, 2017, it comes with a copy of Super Mario Kart and is available to purchase on Amazon– Nintendo’s been on a bit of a retro kick lately with the release of the SNES Classic and impending re-release of the NES Classic. Bear in mind that this is the “New” 3DS XL; it features a little extra processing power, so if you already own an original 3DS but you’re after something that’ll load games faster, this is well worth looking into. What do you think about this SNES styled 3DS- worth grabbing? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @1RuleBeCool with your thoughts; we’d be happy to share them on our next episode of 1RBC Gaming Weekly.]]>

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