Risk, Reward, Morality, Worldbuilding: What Other Games Can Learn from FTL: Faster Than Light

Other Games Can Learn From; on this episode, we take a look at FTL: Faster Than Light and explore its risks and rewards, how it handles morality, and the approach to worldbuilding within the game- and what other games stand to take away from it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYvxesjgFS0 This episode’s been a long time coming. It was no struggle to decide on making it about FTl, however; the game’s creators have spoiled us players with tons of free content after the game’s launch when they released the “Advanced Edition”- DLC that expanded the gameplay, story and universe of FTL.  If you don’t own the game, it’s 75% off in the ongoing Steam Summer Sale. What do you think of the show? Sound off below or hit us up and follow @1RuleBeCool on Twitter.]]>

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