How and Where to Watch the Nintendo Switch Presentation

UPDATE: The presentation has ended and is available to watch. In case you missed the news, tonight- Thursday January 12, at 11 P.M. EST, Nintendo will be presenting the Switch, their upcoming game console that combines elements of home and mobile consoles. If you’re planning on watching it, you have a few options- you can tune in via Nintendo’s own website right here, or you can watch the presentation live on Youtube. The show is also running right here, thanks to the magic of embedded video. Stick with us as we’ll have plenty to say about the Switch after the presentation; if you have something that you’d like to say about it, you can hit us up on Twitter @1RuleBeCool– you can follow me, @Jourdan_Cameron, for snarky comments during the live stream. Do you think Nintendo has VR plans for the Switch?]]>

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